Thursday, October 28, 2010

Plaboy Mansion

Hello again-

We are that much closer to the weekend, this weekend and Halloween. Halloween is one of those days that just makes you wish you were a kid again. There aren't many days like that, but Halloween sure is one of them. Now there aren't many locations out there that signify Halloween. Sure I can think of a few, (and would love to have them) Jail from Shawshank, Dracula's Castle, a photo of the world's biggest pumpkin, but not much else. Unlike other iconic holidays like Christmas (which I already have a picture set aside to use that day) there just isn't a standard image when I think about Halloween.

With that in mind I picked a location that has a Halloween decoration in it and where people often dress up as Bunnies. That's right, we received a picture from the Playboy Mansion. A special thanks to Joyce at Playboy for sending us this picture.

I know it will be tough to follow the Playboy Mansion but I promise you tomorrow is the most unique place we have received so far. It is a place where very few people ever see and I am still in shock that we received it. Please forward the blog on to friends and family because tomorrow is a very cool picture.

As always, feel free to email us at if you want to help, have suggestions, or just want to say hi.

Kyle O.