Sunday, October 31, 2010

Goals of the Week

My oh my what a big week we had last week. We had Gatorland, Chagrin Falls, Wrigley Field, Playboy Mansion and last but not least, The South Pole. It was definitely a big week but we still have lots of good fun ones up our sleeves.

This weekend we went to a social gathering (one might say a party) and received lots of positive feedback and suggestions. One of those came from my soon to be brother-in-law. His suggestion is the first goal of the week. With out further ado, here we go.

1) Work on getting the Save The Date to the Super Bowl;

2) Receive 5 emails of suggestions from readers (I wrote a letter that you can forward under the tab up top); and

3) Have every ready forward the letter to 10 new people or join the Facebook Group Here and suggest it to your friends and family.

Thanks again for following us.

Kyle and Katie

Friday, October 29, 2010

The "Coolest" Picture Ever

Welcome to Friday-

We have made it through another work week!!! I must say, today's pictures I never EVER thought I would get. I just never thought it would be possible. When we put together a list at the beginning of the Project we had a "dream" list. A list of places that we never thought we could get but that would be so neat to have. This is the first off of that list.

I very special thanks to Elaine Hood who worked with me.We exchanged a quite a few emails. Last week I received an email, opened it up and was speechless. I couldn't believe what I was looking at.  She was so great and worked so hard to make this possible. Thank you.

Secondly I need to thank Dr. Ella Derbyshire. Dr. Derbyshite is in the pictures and has been stationed at the South Pole for the past year. I just can't thank the two of them enough for helping out a young couple with a crazy dream to spread their Save The Date around the world.

The first picture is a photo at the ceremonial South Pole. Because of ice shifts the geological south pole (where every direction is north) moves slightly from year to year and is repositioned every New Year with a new post.

The Second picture is at the geological South Pole.

The Third picture is a close up of the marker.

Please please forward this blog update on to everyone you know and help spread the word of the Project. I want everyone to be able to see the hard work of Elaine Hood and Dr. Derbyshire.

Thanks again. If you are ever in Raleigh, let us know.

Kyle O.
Ceremonial South Pole
Geological South Pole

Close Up of the geological South Pole Marker

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Plaboy Mansion

Hello again-

We are that much closer to the weekend, this weekend and Halloween. Halloween is one of those days that just makes you wish you were a kid again. There aren't many days like that, but Halloween sure is one of them. Now there aren't many locations out there that signify Halloween. Sure I can think of a few, (and would love to have them) Jail from Shawshank, Dracula's Castle, a photo of the world's biggest pumpkin, but not much else. Unlike other iconic holidays like Christmas (which I already have a picture set aside to use that day) there just isn't a standard image when I think about Halloween.

With that in mind I picked a location that has a Halloween decoration in it and where people often dress up as Bunnies. That's right, we received a picture from the Playboy Mansion. A special thanks to Joyce at Playboy for sending us this picture.

I know it will be tough to follow the Playboy Mansion but I promise you tomorrow is the most unique place we have received so far. It is a place where very few people ever see and I am still in shock that we received it. Please forward the blog on to friends and family because tomorrow is a very cool picture.

As always, feel free to email us at if you want to help, have suggestions, or just want to say hi.

Kyle O.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Hello everyone-

Welcome to hump day. Almost the weekend. Today's pictures come to us from the Chicago Cubs Organization, especially Lauren and Barb of the Wrigley Field Ambassadors. They have been a tremendous help with the Project and follow the blog (or at least that is what they told me). They even went back and sent more pictures after initially sending me some fantastic photos two weeks ago.

Thanks for the help. It is appreciated.

Also, be sure to check the blog daily. I will only be posting one picture a day on Facebook but, as you can see below, some pictures will have far more than one picture.

Lastly, I will try and post the pictures in the order we receive them so if you sent me some already I promise we are not ignoring you. We have just been surprised by the response and are running about 2 weeks behind. Thanks again for all the support. It means the world to us.

If you want to help email

Kyle and Katie


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Story Behind the Story

Many people have asked about the story behind our Save The Date. Yes, it is the actual moment that I proposed. Here is the story.

Katie and I got engaged in early in May. I talked with Katie's boss and scheduled a for her to get a Friday off without her knowledge. The Thursday before the day off a letter was taped to Katie's door when she came home from work. The letter stated that I wanted to thank her for helping me through a particularly tough time (the passing of my grandmother three weeks prior) by taking her away for a special weekend. The letter told her what to pack, what clothes to bring and what activities they would be doing (hiking etc.), and that their dog Bella would be going with them, but not where they were going. Reluctantly she began packing with questions abound as to where they were going. She figured they were going camping and to play into this notion I packed the tent and the sleeping bags.

We left the next morning with the destination still unknown we got in our car and headed towards the mountains of North Carolina. Just before car sickness set in on Katie, we reached the tiny (population 490) town on Hot Springs, North Carolina, a town nestled near the border of North Carolina and Tennessee with naturally occurring hot springs.

I rented a private cabin located on 11 acres just outside of the town of Hot Springs. The cabin was pet friendly, had a 180 degree view of the mountains from the large covered porch with hot tub overlooking the mountains, a grill and every amenity that one could imagine. It included a 3 acre field for us and our dog Bella to play in.

That evening I mentioned to Katie that I wanted to go on a hike that I had found online. That evening the two of us hiked up Max Patch with our dog Bella. Max Patch is a mountain top in the Appalachian Mountains with no tress at the top, which provide for stunning views.

I told Katie that I wanted to take family photo with the three of us. I set up a video camera to take the picture. I once again thanked her for helping me through the rough time with my grandmother and gave her one of my grandmother’s embroidered hanker chef. As Katie looked at the hanker chef I told her I had something else from my grandmother that I wanted to give her (the ring)! She said yes and it was all on video, which we later used to make our Save The Dates.

We spent the rest of the evening on the mountain drinking Campaign that I carried up in my pack as we read letter written by our respective families congratulating us and welcoming us to the family. 

So with that I offer my hometown, Chagrin Falls Ohio. (You may recognize the walls from some computer backgrounds.)

As always feel free to email us at

Kyle O. 

Monday, October 25, 2010

Later Gator

Hello World-
Welcome to another work week.  Today's picture comes to us from outside of Orlando Florida. I heard about Gatorland when I was a kid and visited the Orlando area with my dad. Gatorland is a great park (think Sea World for alligators) where you can see gators everywhere. I remember seeing feedings and even tasting alligator meat. We had a great time and the one image that is lasting is the front entrance doors, when you walk through an alligator's mouth (first picture below)

I went to their website and it looks like they have (or are putting in) a zip line that goes over the alligators.
Should be pretty neat. Their website is

Hope you have a good work week, be sure to check out yesterday's goals and let me know if you can help. As always if you have any questions, comments, want to help, or just want to say hi to Katie and I feel free to email us.

Kyle O.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Goals of the Week

Welcome to another Sunday-

The world has really spread of the Project, mainly because Katie and I decided to open it up to our family and friends. We decided that we wanted them to come on the journey with us. With that in mind here are the Goals of the Week.

Social Media
Get to 150 Twitter followers and 100 Facebook followers. Click on either of the links to view each page.
Join us on Twitter

Join us on Facebook

Fifty States
While talking with a friend about the Project something occurred to me. Why not try and get a picture of the Save the Date in every state? This wasn't a goal of mine initially but seems like a natural goal.
So far we have received from the following states (though we haven't posted all the pictures yet):
New York
North Carolina
South Dakota

Unique Pictures
We want to get two unique pictures. It doesn't matter where we get them but think they would be neat. We want to get a picture of the Save The Date with someone skydiving and underwater with someone skydiving. If you know someone who skydives or scuba dives let us know.

Email us if you have any question, want to help, or just want to say hi.

Kyle and Katie

Friday, October 22, 2010

Hello Brooklyn (How you doin?)

Another New York icon off the list (well there isn't a list but you know what I mean). There is it, the Brooklyn Bridge. A bridge that I have never been on but Katie has.

Many of the New York City pictures (minus Yankee Stadium and The Statue of Liberty) come to us from two people I have never met, and who's real names I don't know. I met them because of our mutual love for the University of Notre Dame. A big thanks goes out to them for helping 

Also, a big thanks to our families for spreading the word of the Project. 

As you can see I am still changing some of the design of the website. I have included a link at the top to download the Save The Date. This will allow people to download it on their own. Click on that tap where is says "Download the Save The Date" and it will take you through the instructions on how to download the Save The Date. 

Also, I have included a letter for people to forward on to their friends and family. This Project can be hard to explain. All you need to do it cut and past the letter from Katie and I and send it on its way. Please forward as much as you would like. 

Lastly, yesterday I created a Facebook page. Check it out here. Facebook Page 
Also, don't forget to follow me on Twitter here

If you have any questions, want to help, or just say hi, you know where to reach us.

Kyle and Katie

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Old Faithful

We seem to be making our way rather quickly through the National Parks. Today's is from Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park. Tha National Park Service has been very instrumental so far in helping get this Project underway. Katie and I want to give a special thanks to all the Rangers who have helped us.

Facebook Update
We have decided to start a Facebook page to follow our journey. Feel free to "like" it and pass it along to friends that also might find it interesting (or might be able to help us out). Initially Katie and I were going to keep it off of Facebook so that we could surprise our family and friends at the wedding reception with a cool slideshow of all the photos but realized that they would miss out on the journey of the Save The Dates, which is what the Project is about.

So we told our parents, put it on Facebook, and now it is open to the world.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Pride of The Yankees

Welcome Back-

As I am sure many of you know the Major League Baseball playoffs are going on right now. Recently I received a package in the mail from the New York Yankees. Inside the package were the following two photos. I was really shocked to see the package from them. This is the first time someone has printed out pictures and mailed them to us instead of email. Quite a surprise to see in one's mailbox. 
Also, yesterday I received an email from Chandigarh, India where they are going to try and get some pictures. I am still amazed at how this is spreading. Some of my future goals are to get the Sydney Opera House, Japan and to reach all the continents. 

Thanks for the help from everyone. Keep on spreading the word and if you have any ideas let me know

Kyle O.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!!!

There are few things more iconic in America than the Indy 500. Today's pictures come to us from the fine folks at the Brickyard who were kind enough to take four pictures, one outside the track, two in front of the pagoda and one in front of the Hall of Fame. Thank you Lora and Ron for taking part in our Project. Indianapolis Motor Speedway holds the annual Indianapolis 500 and Brickyard 500 along with many other events. I have been lucky enough to visit the track on a nonraceday and look around with my dad growing up. Pictures just cannot do the place justice because it is massive. A definite place people should visit regardless of whether there is a race going on.

I am not sure whether I mentioned this before or not but I have added a page at the top of the blog that links to an album of all the posted pictures.  If anyone has any feedback please let me know.

Also please check out the wedding blog from my friend across the pond in Ireland. She has been a real big help to the Project by not only taking pictures in Dublin (which will appear later this week or early next week) but also by acting as my my pseudo mentor and publicist. She has graciously given me advice and helped get the word out of the Project. Thanks for everything. We appreciate it.

Kyle O.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Paul Bunyan and Babe help out

Hello again and welcome to the beginning of another great week. I hope everyone had as good of a weekend as Katie and did. We traveled back to my hometown of Chagrin Falls Ohio for my dad's surprise. It was a great time and I even managed to sneak away for a few minutes to take a picture of the Save The Date at the Iconic Chagrin Falls, where the movie "House Arrest" was filmed, the Pumpkin Roll takes place and has been on ESPN, and where Stone Temple Pilots lead Singer Scott Weiland was born. Look for those pictures later this week or early next week.

On to today's post which comes to us from the Chamber of Commerce of the great Midwestern town of Bemidji, Minnesota. I am not sure where or when I first heard of the statues of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox but it is one of those iconic roadside attractions in America. It has been featured in The Simpsons (probably where I first saw it) and just seems to pop up everywhere.

Enjoy today's pictures and remember, if you have any comments, questions, feedback, want to help, know someone who can, or just want to say hi please send us an email. We love to hear from everyone.

Kyle O.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Goals of the Week and Week in Review

Happy Sunday Everyone-

Here is the week in review. This week we saw pictures from all over the county. We received pictures from New York City (Statue of Liberty, Times Square), Crater Lake, Elmo and Sponge Bob and Hawai'i and the Haleakala National Park.

And here are the Goals of the Week

1)  Get to 150 Twitter Followers

2) Get a contact in Australia

Let me know if you ccan help me out with any of these goals. Sorry for the short update but I have to catch a flight.
Happy Sunday.

Friday, October 15, 2010

And the TV stars are...

Happy Friday!!!!

Just as I promised two well known TV stars helped out with Project Save The Date. SpongeBob and Elmo!!!  These two pictures are great for so many reasons. First, I don't want this Project to be taken too seriously. I love these pictures because, well, they make me laugh. I am not just after National Parks, or other landmarks. I want everything. All quirky locations and things included. So if you know of any unique places in your area, help out. 

Also, these two pictures made me think. Instead of just getting the Save The Dates to locations why not open it up. How you might ask? Get the Save The Dates to people. No, I don't want them to come to our wedding but if you know, or are famous (not even really famous, just a little notable) and want to help it would be great to get a picture of the Save the Date with them. That's all for now.
Enjoy your weekend everyone.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Thrill of the Email

Every time I receive a photo or email my heart starts beating faster. It is such a thrill to hear from people and receive pictures of the Save the Date in places I have only dreamed of. Regardless of the location it is such a thrill for Katie and I to received feedback and realizing that our Project is traveling over the world. After wedding we plan on creating a collage (like my twitter background) with all the photos to display and frame.

Now I know I said that this week would be full of New York City. Well, I lied. I will mix cities and locations up. That way, if I receive a big batch from someone, I will intertwine them in with all the others that I receive. This will keep things fresh.

Today's stunning photos come from Crater Lake in Oregon. Crater Lake is a fascinating geological area and I highly suggest reading up on it. Those of you in the US might recognize it, it is on the Oregon State Quarter.

I noticed many of our readers are oversees. If you are, please email me if you can help out.

Don't forget tomorrow the photos will be of two big TV stars holding the Save The Date.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your Thursday.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Times Square

Happy Wednesday to you all-

Times Square is iconic Americana. Every year millions of visitors travel through Times Square and every year on New Year's Eve hundreds of thousands of people cram into the Square to watch a Waterford crystal ball drop at the stroke of midnight.
Times Square is full of neon lights that is similar to Las Vegas (anyone in Vegas reading this?)
I big thanks to Sligo and NYIrishGirl for helping get pictures in New York City. Coming up later this week, Madison Square Garden and on Friday a very special day when two very special TV stars help out and pose with the Save The Date. Stay tuned!!!
Kyle O.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New York, New York

Hello hello and happy Tuesday to you all.

Today's blog post (and the rest of the week) is all about the City that never sleeps, New York, New York, so great they named it twice. Over the weekend and last night I received many, MANY, photos from New York.

New York is such a unique place. The cultures and demographics of the city differ from block to block. I have been to New York City once, and Katie a few times, but never together. There are so many sights to see and many will be crossed of this list this week.

Lastly I have a very special treat for you all. Two well known people (dare I say celebrities) have helped out with the Project. Last night I received two photos of them in New York City holding the Save The Dates. That will be Friday's blog.

After receiving some very good advice from I wanted to let you know what the typical schedule for the blog would be so that people can get into a routine. Every weekday I will post a new location and set of pictures. I will take Saturday off and Sunday will be my "Goals of the Week." The Goals of the Week are probably more to help keep me accountable and moving rather than for the readers but most will help encourage participation from readers.

Let me know if you have any thoughts on the blog, want to help out, or just want to say hi to Katie and I. Email us at

Have a great Tuesday.

Kyle O.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Hawaii Five-0


Welcome to Monday and the beginning of another great week. Today's picture come to us from Hawai'i. The save the date is take at the Kilauea Caldera overlook with Halema'uma'u Crater in the background. The plume from the crater is the result of an explosive eruption in March 2008 which opened a vent inside the crater.

So far this is tha farthest that the Save the Date has made it.

Still looking for suggestions and help.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Goals of the Week October 10, 2010

I've made a decision. Because I anticipate that I won't receive many or any cards in my email box on the weekend I take Sunday off. I will still post but I will not post any pictures. Instead I will post my "Goals of the Week" for the blog. Each week I will set forth three goals of the week. I hope that you can help me reach these goals each and every week. I will also answer any questions you all may have about the Project, Me, Katie, future locations, or anything thing else that rolls our way.

So here we go, Here are the Goals of the Week

1. Get 50 New Followers on Twitter
I have a feeling that Twitter will be important in spreading the word. Katie and I are having a difficult time spreading word about this Project. There is a reason behind this though.

We are NOT telling our friends and family about this Project. We understand and realize that someone might happen across this but our ultimate goal is to "unveil" this Project and all the photos to them at the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding, and possibly have a slide show running constantly during the reception of the photos. Because of this we are not putting it on our facebook pages or personal twitter accounts.

That is why it is so important for our readers to spread the word of this Project.

2. Get a Contact in England
There are so many great places in England and London that are iconic landmarks (Stonehenge, Big Ben, Parliament, Buckingham Palace, Double Decker Bus, London Bridge,  Millennium Bridge, and the list goes on... and on...)

So if anyone out there is from England, is going to England, or knows anyone in England that would be willing to help out please pass along the blog or have them email me at

3. Keep Getting Suggestions
We have received great emails and we love getting them. Even if you can't help out and just enjoy the blog we appreciate all feedback. Is there something you would like? Let us know? Know of other great places even if they are no where near you? Let me know. Out "Suggested Places" list is only that, suggested. I was hesitant to even include it because I didn't want to limit the Project to places on the list. There are so many great places out there that I haven't heard of. Should the list stay or go? Let us know.

Thanks for reading.

Kyle O.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

College Football North Carolina State vs. Virginia Tech

In honor of Saturday being a college football holiday for most guys, I have posted a Save The Date from last weeks NC State vs. Virginia Tech game. To date, this is the only picture that I took myself. Enjoy your weekend everyone.

P.S. Per requests, on days when I don't receive a photo I will share the story of the proposal and more about Katie and I. Enjoy!!!

Kyle O.

Friday, October 8, 2010

I left my heart in San Francisco

And the project rolls along. Last night I received an email with the Save the Date in front of the Golden Gate Bridge. To date this is the farthest that the Save The Date has made it. According to Google Maps the Golden Gate Bridge is 2,849 miles from Raleigh, North Carolina.

Pictures have been rolling in lately, which I am very proud excited about. I wasn't really expecting this sort of response this fast. My plans for the blog is to update it with our story on days when I do not have a new Save The Date.  My first non blog entry will be about the story behind the Save The Dave picture and how I got them.

I need feedback
What else do you all want to see? This weekend I will be cleaning up the blog and also add a page that has all the pictures in one place?
What places am I missing?
How can I spread this blog?
How can I get more people to help?
Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Without further ado, here is the Golden Gate Bridge. Enjoy and Thanks.

Kyle O.