Friday, October 22, 2010

Hello Brooklyn (How you doin?)

Another New York icon off the list (well there isn't a list but you know what I mean). There is it, the Brooklyn Bridge. A bridge that I have never been on but Katie has.

Many of the New York City pictures (minus Yankee Stadium and The Statue of Liberty) come to us from two people I have never met, and who's real names I don't know. I met them because of our mutual love for the University of Notre Dame. A big thanks goes out to them for helping 

Also, a big thanks to our families for spreading the word of the Project. 

As you can see I am still changing some of the design of the website. I have included a link at the top to download the Save The Date. This will allow people to download it on their own. Click on that tap where is says "Download the Save The Date" and it will take you through the instructions on how to download the Save The Date. 

Also, I have included a letter for people to forward on to their friends and family. This Project can be hard to explain. All you need to do it cut and past the letter from Katie and I and send it on its way. Please forward as much as you would like. 

Lastly, yesterday I created a Facebook page. Check it out here. Facebook Page 
Also, don't forget to follow me on Twitter here

If you have any questions, want to help, or just say hi, you know where to reach us.

Kyle and Katie