Letter or Email to Forward


My name is Kyle and along with my fiance Katie, we are trying to spread our "Save The Date" around the world.  Due to a mix up with the printer, we received 450 extra Save The Dates. Instead of letting them go to waste we decided to let them travel the world. We love to travel and want to see the world and hope to in our life together. Until we are able to travel the world we want our Save The Dates to travel the world for us. We are asking people to take a picture of our Save The Date around the world at iconic locations, unique spots, or beautiful scenery and email it back to us at ProjectSaveTheDate@gmail.com. We have received such a positive response and unbelievable support so far that we wanted to share our journey with everyone by posting daily updates at http://www.projectsavethedate.blogspot.com/

We would really appreciate it if you could help us with our Project by helping take a picture, by following us on our journey by following the daily updates on the blog, and by forwarding this on to your friends and family. If you have any questions, comments, want to help, know someone who can, or just want to say hi email us at ProjectSaveTheDate@gmail.com

Thank you so much.

Kyle and Katie