Friday, December 31, 2010

The Granddaddy of Them All

Happy New Year!!!
Well, New Year's Eve at least. Since Project Save The Date is "closed" on Saturday today's picture is for the entire celebration. 
This time of year is full of celebration, regardless of religion, ethnicity or nationality. New Year's Day also  is a very big day for college football with bowl games. The Rose Bowl is one of the most historic and iconic of the bowl games, dubbed the "Granddaddy Of Them All". Part of the bowl festivities is the Tournament of Roses Parade which features parade floats with the faces made up entirely of organic, non dyed materials. 

This year's Rose Bowl features Wisconson and TCU and should be a great matchup. 

Enjoy your New Year celebration. If you are going anywhere to celebrate feel free to bring along our Save The Date.  Have a safe weekend


Thursday, December 30, 2010


For many today is the end of the work week and have off on New Year's Eve. Project Save The Date will still have a post so be sure to keep on checking back. 

Today's picture is from the Capital Complex in Chandigarh, India. I had never heard of it until I was contacted by Kismet who wanted to help out with the Project. Kismet, along with the help of
Chandigarh, India. Kismet run the blog so feel free to check it out. Great to be able to make it to another country.

I can't believe how far the Project has gone. Thanks again everyone for reading, following and helping out.

As always if you can help out, know someone who can, or just want to send us a note, feel free to email us at . We have quite a few still to post (Sorry if we haven't posted yours yet, I promise we will!) but we always need more to keep the Project going.

Kyle O.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

From One Charleston to Another

Hello again-

Yesterday we were in Charleston, South Carolina and today we are in Charleston, West Virginia. This picture was taken in front of the Capital Building in downtown Charleston West Virginia. The Capital Building is on the North bank of the Kanawha River.

This building has also had a unique place in my life. It was always the halfway spot on my drive home from college. Now that I am in Raleigh (farther away) it is not quite the halfway spot but still a good indicator on one's progress.  From the road it always reminded me of Notre Dame's Golden Dome (would love for the Save The Date to make it there!) but based on this picture the dome is a lot more intricate and detailed than I originally thought of. Until this picture I had actually only seen it from Route 77 a few miles away. Very nice.

Keep them coming.


Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Welcome back!!

We took a little break off for the holidays (some traveling) but we are back. I hope you enjoyed your holiday. I went up to Cleveland Ohio while Katie was with her family in Raleigh North Carolina. Unfortunately I got sick and spend a large portion of Christmas in my childhood bed but it was still great to my family. It is always great to be able to relax and spend time with them.

Today's picture comes from Blake and Stevany Cole in Charleston South Carolina. The first picture is from the fountain in Riverfront Park in downtown Charleston and the second is the bridge that connects downtown Charleston to Mt Pleasant.

Project Save The Date is back to normal schedule so keep checking everyday.

Kyle O.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

North Pole

Project Save The Date will be closed the rest of the week due to travel during the holidays. Thank you all for helping us so far. It is greatly appreciated. I hope everyone has a happy and healthy holiday season.

Today's picture actually does come from the North Pole. Well, North Pole Alaska. This picture comes courtesy of The Santa Claus House in North Pole Alaska. I received this picture several months ago but wanted to wait for the week of Christmas to post it. Seemed worth the wait.

Thanks again.

Kyle O.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Presidential Palace, Honduras

Welcome to Tuesday. Hopefully this is a short work week for you too!

People often ask what has surprised me the most about this Project. I have a simple answer, the kindness of strangers. The overwhelming majority of the pictures come from complete strangers. People whom neither Katie or I have ever met. They were either sent a card, one of our family or friends forwarded on to them, or they just happened to come across the blog.

Every day I get to see where people are viewing the blog from. Looking at last week we had viewers from France, Australia, Germany, Croatia, Japan, South Korea, Slovenia, Canada and Austria. I have seen roughly 30 countries view this blog. Seeing the blog spread puts a smile on my face. If there are any of you out there reading this, feel free to help out. We would love to have a picture from where you are.

Today's picture comes from a good friend who took this picture while traveling for work. It is a picture of the President of Honduras' House in Tegucigalpa.

As always, if you, or anyone you know lives somewhere interesting, or is traveling over the holiday, please let them know about the Project and see if they can help. Thanks for reading.

Kyle O.

Monday, December 20, 2010


I hope everyone had a great weekend. Busy here around the holidays preparing for the short work week. I have been without Internet on the weekends which is why there haven't been any Goal of the Week.

Today we have more pictures from Furuhata from Japan. As many of you may remember, I met Furuhata who was reading to better his English. He sent along photos from Tokyo. I will let him explain them. 

Tokyo Sky Tree. It's going to be the tallest TV tower in the world, but it's being built now.
Finally, It's going to be 634 meters.

Sensoji in Asakusa

National Diet Building. That's great beautiful building, I think. Japanese laws are made in this place.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Dharma Initiative - Project Save The Date

Oh how I would love to be in Hawaii now. Instead I am in Raleigh stuck in snow. No, the snow isn't bad and I imagine it will be much worse when I head to Cleveland for the holiday break but look at that beach. How perfect is that?

This picture was taken by Hart on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. The TV show lost was also filmed on the island of Oahu for all you Lost fans out there. 

As I mentioned yesterday, there are some special photos coming up and I am still trying to figure out how to display then, for how long, and when I will post during the holidays. I will keep you updated. 

Thanks again for checking out our Project. Katie and I are doing well and still planning for our wedding. We can't believe how quickly it is approaching. We will get busy into planning mode after the holidays. Be safe this weekend. 

Kyle O.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Seattle Space Needle

 While it may be cold here in North Carolina, it is another perfectly blue sky at Project Save The Date.

Today's picture comes from the good people at the Seattle Space Needle. They waited for a clear day (from what I hear it was the last clear day) to help us out and take a photo.

We have some good news to share. We have received a photo from South Africa! That means we have made it to ever continent. We still want more from Africa (Egypt maybe?) so let us know if you can help us out.

I am not sure how next week will work with the holiday. I already have a special one picked out for Christmas and New Years but I will be traveling and am not sure how much I will be able to post. Stay tuned.

Keep on spreading the project. Do you have any good ideas on how to get more visitors or spread the work of the Project to others or to the media? If so email That's all for today.

Kyle O. 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Project Save The Date Down Under...

Hello again and welcome to Wednesday. 
Today's picture come from two people/sources. The first photo of the Sydney Opera House along with the last photo with the Christmas tree come from a friend of Katie's Maid of Honor (Danielle), Josh. He sent us these pictures (and some more that you will see later!) a few weeks ago. What amazes me about these, and others, is that it appears is so many of our photos that there is a perfect blue sky without a cloud in sight. That has been the case for so many and I find it odd in a way. 
The other two photos of the that overview the harbor were taken by a poster at Reddit and are breathtaking. I was never expecting to see the Opera House from that vantage point. Pretty neat. 

Thanks for reading. 



Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy Happy Birthday...

Today is a very special day. Today is Katie's birthday. I tried looking for a fitting pictures, and quite honestly, I really haven't received any fitting for a birthday. Plenty with the holiday season but none fit for a birthday. 

So today we have Niagara Falls. I could explain, or rather make up, that the pictures symbolize Katie getting older and that things get better with age, but that would all be a veiled excuse for not having a birthday picture.

These pictures come courtesy of the Maid of the Mist which was so kind to help out the Project. Not only did they take pictures one actual film, but they sent us the negatives too along with a great letter. I forgot to scan in the letter but trust me, it was a touching letter. 

On a side note it seems as if submissions have slowed a little lately. Early on we received one or two every day but now it is roughly every other day. Remember, in order to keep this Project going we need to keep getting pictures. If you can help us out email us at It would be a great birthday present to Katie!!!

Also, we have every continent except for Africa. Let us know if you can help with that.

Enjoy your Tuesday. 

Kyle O.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday Flotilla

Hello again.

Busy weekend for Katie and I, which is why there were no goals of the week yesterday. Today's picture comes from the Roberts and the Morrisons who took our Save The Date to the Holiday Flotilla in Wrightsvile Beach, North Carolina.

Sorry again for the short post. This week should be a little better with longer post. I am trying to figure out a a special way to celebrate Christmas with the Project. Thanks for reading.


Friday, December 10, 2010

The Highest Photo on the World

Happy Friday-

When I received these photos in my inbox my jaw hit the floor. At the very beginning of the Project there were some that we figured we would get like Disney and others that were a fantasy (like the South Pole). We figured why not give it a shot, worst case scenario we wasted a Save The Date and the postage. Needless to say the photos today were on the fantasy list and I never imagined we would get them.

For those who haven't guessed, today's photos are from Mt. Everest, the highest mountain on the face of the Earth. A very big thank you to Madhav at Mosaic Adventure for getting these amazing shots. Who would have every thought, Project Save The Date at Mt. Everest!. This is one of the actual Save The Dates from our printer as well and not a print off which just floors me. Simply Stunning.

The first couple pictures are taken with the prayer flags. 

Please forward today's post on to anyone who might find it interesting. I just love all of the pictures involved with the Project and want to share them with as many people. Thanks again for everyone who has helped out. We appreciate it more than we can ever express. Enjoy your weekend.

Kyle O.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Timing is Everything....

Well I missed it by about a week. For those that don't follow college football, yesterday afternoon Urban Meyer resigned as head coach of the University of Florida. Meyer had previously won two National Championships at Florida.

So what does this have to do with Project Save The Date you might be thinking? Well just last week I ran a picture from my good friend John from "The Swamp" which is the University of Florida's football stadium. Turns out that appears to have been Urban Meyer's last home game. Here is that picture:

Quite ironic if you ask me. Instead of rerunning those pictures I am sticking with the college football theme today with pictures from the University of Oklahoma. These include their most recent National Championship Trophy, Sam Bradford's Heisman Trophy, and various conference Championship Rings.

Kyle O.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Hello Hello-

Welcome to the middle of the week. Sorry again for the insanely short posts of recent. Been a lot going on in our lives. Still taking the time to make sure a post goes up everyday but I know it isn't always the same.

If anyone wants to guest post shoot us an email at

As for today's post this comes from the fanciest hotel in the world, the Burj Al Arab. This is the world's only 7 star hotel, fourth tallest hotel, all on a man-made island. This is pretty much the symbol of Dubai. You may recognize this from some of the publicity it has received including a tennis match between Nadal and Federer and Tiger Woods driving golf balls from the heliport. 

I highly recommend reading up on this structure and Googling some additional images of it. Fantastic Building. 

Enjoy your day. 


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Louisiana Purchase

Today's update comes from a great family friend Deby and Paul. They took these pictures on their recent trip to Louisiana. This crosses another state off the list! Thanks Paul and Deby for thinking of us!!!

Kyle O.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Seven New Wonders of the World

I hope every one had a great weekend. Sorry the blogs have been short as of late. I promise to tell you why and I promise I have a good excuse. Just been super busy with Katie getting things done. Lots of planning.

Today's photo comes from Cheryl who took this in Brazil at the Christ the Redeemer Statue. For those who don't know what it is I highly recommend you Google it. It is one of the "New Seven Wonders of the World"

The complete list is:
Taj Mahal
Machu Picchu
Great Wall of China
Christ The Redeemer
Chichen Itza. 

So far we have received two of locations, Christ the Redeemer and Chichen Itza. If you can help get another on the list (or the last remaining original wonder of the world, Pyramid of Giza) please let me know. 

Enjoy your week. 

Kyle O.  

Friday, December 3, 2010

Best use of iPod ever...


Today's picture is quite special. It was taken by Danillo at National Parks Photos. I was talking with him on Twitter and he mentioned that he was going to Chichen Itza, the Mayan Ruins. He was already on his way and didn't have a printer available to him. He was quite creative with his picture. I love it. As he said about the picture, " They say necessity is the mother of invention, and in this case necessity was the mother if using an iPod to show the save the date. I had nowhere to print!"

I love the creativity with this. Makes for a really unique picture and I love the composition of it. Danillo's website is great too. Please check it out. It is photos and paintings of many of the National Parks. They are quite stunning and well worth the time to check them out.

Thanks agains Danillo! Have a great weekend everyone!

Kyle O. 

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Oh Lebron...

Hello again-

As a native Clevelander I am very excited for tonight's game between the Cleveland Cavs and the Miami Heat. This is the return of a certain player to Cleveland since he left Cleveland on national TV

Cleveland is a city that I love deeply and it hurt me to see the city get treated that way. It isn't that he left, it is how he left.

In honor of the game tonight I am showing my support and pride for Cleveland by having today's picture of the Cleveland skyline.

Go Cavs!!!