Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Dukes of Hazzard- The General Lee at Cooter's

Howdy folks.
My friend Nichole took this picture while driving through Tennessee. Not only did she help us cross of Tennessee but also took some more that I will share with you tomorrow.

The pictures below are of the General Lee. The General Lee is the iconic car from the Dukes of Hazard. The car is outside of Cooter's in Nashville, Tennessee.

These pictures are great and a real piece of Americana. I love visiting new places and seeing new things. It is the explorer in me that loves this project. There are so many things out there that I have never seen and have learned so much throughout the past 5 months. 

The Project has far exceeded our expectations. Today's pictures are the 112th set received. Keep them coming and help us get to our wedding day.

Thanks for reading.


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

St. Patrick's Cathedral

Hello again and welcome to the middle of the week. We continue on with Susan's journey in Ireland. Today's picture is of St. Patrick's Cathedral. The plaque below is also at St. Patrick's Cathedral. The plaque states Near here is the reputed site of the well where St. Patrick baptised many of the local inhabitants in the fifth century A.D."

We are winding down toward the wedding. Katie and I are ready for the day to come (and the honeymoon too). I can't thank you all enough for reading. We really appreciate every ready, whether we know you or not. 
We are getting close to the end and would like to knock out the remaining states. Next week I will do an update with all of the ones left. Let us know if you can help. 

Have a good Wednesday. 


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Oh My Guinness

Hello Again. Yesterday we received such a positive response from Samantha and Jeff's photo's and contest.  I hope they end up winning their dream vacation. It certainly seems like a fantastic venue.

Today's picture comes from across the pond. My cousin Susan was lucky enough to spend St. Patrick's Day in Ireland. I was very jealous that she was able to do that. She sent along a few pictures of her trip. Below is a picture from the Guinness Museum and Brewery. The second picture is from the Gravity Bar, which is located on top of the Brewery.  It certainly looks like the Gravity Bar is the place to hang out to get great views in Ireland while enjoying a pint.

Thanks for reading.


Monday, March 28, 2011

We're Back!!!! (Maine)

Welcome back. Today we have a great set of pictures and a nice back story from Jeff and Samantha. Jeff and Samantha are taking part in a contest (which I will let them explain later) and sent along these pictures in Maine.

I will let them explain the pictures.
The first picture is of The lighthouse depicted in the photos is of Nubble Light.  It was built in 1879 and is one of the most prominent lighthouses in the country.  A photo of it is even carried on the Voyager Spacecraft as an example of a man made object.  The beach photograph is taken just down the road at Cape Neddick Beach.  This is a typical example of one of the sandy beaches in Maine.  The final photograph is of the Clay Hill Farm restaurant in Cape Neddick.  Clay Hill Farm provides year round dining with the use of seasonal and local foods. 
Great Stuff!. Now as I mentioned earlier Jeff and Samantha are in a contest. Jeff and Samantha will be getting married at Clay Hill Farm this summer.  They are also finalists in Clay Hill Farm’s Green Wedding Giveaway.  The contest is designed to spread a message of sustainability and show people that “you don’t have to sacrifice your dream to make a difference in the world”.  Out of over 100 couples, 3 finalists were chosen to win a wedding package.  The grand prize package is a complete wedding for 75 guests valued at over $40,000.  The grand prize winner is chosen partially based on votes and a community giveback campaign that is meant to spread their green message into the community.  For their community giveback campaign, Jeff and Samantha are starting a vegetable garden at Jeff’s university and also maintaining a blog about their efforts to minimize the trash they create in their daily lives.  You can follow their journey and vote for your favorite couple at

I already voted to Jeff and Samantha (it took about ten seconds) and strongly encourage you too. Thanks for helping out Jeff and Samantha.

As always, if you can help with our Project please email Now that Jeff and Samantha crossed Maine off the list we still need Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Nebraska,New Hampshire, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Tennessee, and Wisconsin. But as always you are not limited to those states.

Thanks for reading.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Please Help

Hey Guys-

As I mentioned last week we are running really low on pictures. Instead of posting the last couple of them I am going to take a week off and hope that more start rolling in. Hopefully this time nest week our supply will be full again and we can resume. Please let us know if you can help out. We need all the help we can get. We would love the picture from anywhere in the world.

Also, we are trying to knock off all 50 states. The green states below are the ones we have remaining. Please let us know if you can help but once again if you can help with any state, blue or green, or any country please let us know.


Friday, March 18, 2011

Joe Louis Arena

Michigan was a tough state. I was surprised that it took so long for us to get a picture from Michigan though. I think some of it had to do with the winter weather.

But now, thanks to Dave we are able to cross is off the list! This picture comes from Wednesday night's Detroit Red Wings hockey game. The Red Wings snapped the Washington Capitals' win streak.

Joe Louis Arena is the home of the Red Wings and as you can see from the picture below the Red Wings have quite a history with plenty of championship banners.

Now that we have Michigan off the list we only need the following states:Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Nebraska,New Hampshire, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.

We have been told that some of these are going to be crossed off soon but as always, please let us know if you can help. Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Assisi, Italy-Santa Maria degli Angeli

Welcome to Thursday.

Today's picture is from Assisi, Italy and is the Santa Maria Degli Angeli which is a basilica that was constructed in the late 1500's. It is this site where Francis of Assisi began the Franciscan movement.

We have one more picture from Bob that I really would like to save for Easter weekend. Unfortunately we only have enough pictures for the end of this week. Please help if you can. If you can not take a picture for us we would really appreciate you emailed any friends or family members about our Project. We would like to make it to our wedding day without missing a day. It will be tough and we may fail but that is our goal. Thank you for everyone who has helped out. It means more than you can ever know.

Thanks for reading.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Marathon Part II

Happy Hump Day!

So Rich and Rita received some of the pictures taken by the organizers of the Disney Marathon and guess what? Project Save The Date made it in the official pictures.

Rita completed the Marathon and Rich completely the "Goofy" which is half and full marathon in the same weekend.

They did great to complete it. I know that has always been something that Katie wants to do (though I am not too keen on it) and I really admire those who are able to complete it.

Thanks again for helping Rich and Rita. You should be really proud of completing your races.

Lastly, curious if any of my readers, or readers friends, are going skydiving any time soon. If so let us know by emailing


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ostia Antica

This is yet another site on Bob's European Trip. These pictures from from Ostia Antica, which is part of the ancient city of Rome. Bob certainly had a great trip and made it to some fantastic locations. One great set of pictures is upcoming. I am trying to save it for Easter weekend but may run out of pictures long before then. As of now we only have enough pictures to make it to the end of the week. Please let us know if you can help out. We would really appreciate it. We can mail you a Save The Date to help you out. 

Thanks for reading and enjoy your extra hour of day light in the evening. 


Monday, March 14, 2011

It's Tourney Time

What a fantastic weekend. The weather in Raleigh was a perfect 75 on Sunday (I can already feel the hate mail from those of you where there is snow on the ground). Sunday was a great day full of walking the dog and a few trips to Home Depot. 

Last night I watched part of the NCAA Selection show. As I told you earlier I am a big Notre Dame fan so I wanted to see who Notre Dame would be playing in the NCAA Basketball tournament. This is always a great time of year. There aren't many times when you can go home for lunch and watch college sports. There always seem to be some great upsets which makes the tournament so much fun.  

Today's picture comes to us from Christie. This picture was taken at Jackson Gore Inn at Okemo Mountain Resort in Ludlow, Vermont. Christie is one of my good friends and we are thankful that she helped us cross Vermont off the list. We are almost there and are hopefully to be able to cross them all off. Thanks for reading and have fun making out a bracket or two. 


Friday, March 11, 2011

Colosseum, Rome

Welcome to another weekend!

I really appreciate everyone who helped make a strong push to get the 50 states. I received quite a few notes from people who are willing to help out. We really appreciate it.I don't want to limit it to just the 50 states though. Our goal is to not miss a day until the wedding. Right now we have enough to make it through next week but we need your help to keep it going after that.

If you are a new reader (of which I know there are many who randomly come across the blog) all you need to do is download the Save The Date from the blog, print it out, and take a picture of it in front of something unique, iconic, beautiful, scenic, or that we don't have. If you can't download it just email me at and we will mail you one. There really are no parameters. Please help out if you can. If you can't take a picture please forward this project on to someone who might be able to help us out.

Today's pictures are of the Colosseum in Rome. This is yet another place that I have dreamed of going. They way ancient buildings are able to last through the centuries with the limited technology in place is amazing. I have equal admiration for the Greek ruins (which we don't have yet). Granted the death and destruction of humanity that took place at the Colosseum was nothing to be proud of, it is a great piece of history from the Roman Empire.

Enjoy your weekend and if you are going somewhere, don't forget to take the Save The Date.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

No Snookie In Sight

Thank you to everyone who emailed or contacted me yesterday. It looks like we may creep our way to all 50 states after all. Though there are still that seem like they will be very tough to get (Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, etc) Let us know if you can help. 

Recently I posted on our Facebook page that we needed New Jersey. Katie's friend came through and sent in today's picture. I will let her describe it. 

"This photo is of the historic red mill in Clinton, NJ - about 10 minutes from where I live.  Thought it would be a little something different from all the jersey shore stereotypes.

The mill was originally built in 1810 to process wool, and has been used for many different purposes since then.  It's now a museum and the site of many events, from summer concerts to the "Haunted Mill" each Halloween.  It's even been featured on the Sci-Fi channel's Ghost Hunters show."
Thanks for the picture and explanation Kristen. We really appreciate it and glad it does not have the cast of the Jersey Shore in it!


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Do you live here?

So while rummaging through the Internet I came across a pretty neat website that allows you to make customizable maps of the United States. I wanted to create a visual of what states are left in order to run up support and get these last few. I think the map looks great (sans the red outline which I can't get rid of)

So if you live in one of the green states, or know someone who does let them know about the Project. We would love to get more and have every state by the time we get married. Who would have thought that Tennessee, Michigan, Kentucky, and Wisconsin would have been more difficult to get than the South Pole and Mt. Everest. Amazing where this Project has taken us. 

For those who don't like to read maps the remaining states are Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Michigan, Nebraska,New Hampshire, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Tennessee, and Wisconsin. That leaves 14 left!

As always it would be nothing without the readers. The vast majority of pictures have come from complete strangers who have never met Katie and I and we sincerely appreciate the support. 

Thanks again for reading and lets get the last few states crossed off the list!

Kyle O.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Toomer's Corner

Hey Guys-

As most of you know I am a very VERY big college football fan. One of the more famous rivalries is Alabama/Auburn. A few weeks again this rivalry took a turn beyond good old fashion hatred of one another and turned criminal. You see on Auburn University's Campus there are some very historic 130 year old oak trees. After every Auburn football victory the trees are "rolled" which means that students throw toilet paper up into them. It is quiet a site. I have attached a picture below of it because it is so unique. 

Well a few weeks ago an Alabama fan poisoned these trees. It is still uncertain how long they will remain but it is thought that they will not make it to the fall football season.The one benefit of this is that Alabama and Auburn fans seem to have put aside their hatred and have joined up for a good cause. The two schools and fan bases are helping to try and save the trees or replaced them. 

Summer and Drew are very big Auburn fans and had a friend take this picture for us. Not only is it a neat picture because of the history and recent events but it also crosses Alabama off the list. I will have a full post later in the week on the states that are left so be on the lookout. 

Thanks for helping out Summer and Drew. 


Monday, March 7, 2011

Plaza De Toros

Hello again-
I hope everyone had a great weekend and survived the weather. In Raleigh we had heavy thunderstorms on Saturday. Because of the weather we ended up staying in a good portion of the weekend and worked on the wedding. We made some really good progress on the wedding invitations which felt great. Nice to have one less thing on our list. We were able to enjoy the weekend a bit as on Saturday night we went out to a nice dinner with some good friends of ours, a couple from college. All in all it was a very nice and relaxing weekend.
Today's picture comes from Susan. This picture is of the "Plaza De Toros" in Madrid Spain. The Plaza is a very famous bull fighting ring. It is very picturesque and after having seen pictures of the inside it is the typical bull fighting ring. 

We also received a few more pictures this weekend but as always we would love it if you can help. 

Thanks for reading. 

Friday, March 4, 2011

Tha Da Vinci Code

Welcome to Friday!
This is our 100th set of pictures! I can't believe how many we have received! Thank to everyone who has helped. We really appreciate it. 

This is always my favorite post to write. It means that another long week is over and that Katie and I can (hopefully) enjoy the weather outside with our dog Bella. That is always the plan but as we all know, those plans can sometimes change. 

We are finishing up the details of the wedding which is perfect timing because the weather sure is getting nice, at least in Raleigh. This weekend we are light on wedding planning and have very little going on. Just a nice meal with friends planned but other than that it should be uneventful, which is nice for a change. It should allow me to get some nice pleasure reading done. 

Speaking of pleasure reading, today's picture is the scene of one of the more recent bestsellers/movies. The picture is of the Louvre, the world's most visited art museum. This is also the sight of the Da Vinci Code. For those of you who don't know Katie and I we love museums. Anything from art to history will get our attention. Once we make it to Paris the Louvre will be near the top of the list of places to visit. 

Lastly, we are running low on pictures and would love your help. To do so you cam simply download the Save The Date above or email Thanks for helping out. We appreciate all the help. 

Enjoy your weekend.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


We certainly seem to be making it around the Orlando area. The interesting thing is that all the pictures have come from different people.  Just goes to show you how many people really do travel to the Orlando area. Today's pictures are from Epcot, both in front of the big ball and around in several of the different countries.

Yes, I could have claimed that each Epcot county was a different country and used them on a different day but that would be cheating now wouldn't it? Instead we decided to post them all at once, even though we are running low on pictures.

Please let us know if you can help out and email this project on to anyone. We really would like to continue the Project until the wedding day. Please let us know if you can help or forward it on to friends and family.

Thanks for reading.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

From One Castle to Another-Neuschwanstein Castle

When I first received this picture is seemed like a movie set, much like yesterday's photo of Hogwarts. This is not a movie set though but instead the real thing. This is Neuschwanstein Castle in Schwangau, Germany. The castle was built in the 19th century and has been the site of many films. More specifically this is the castle that inspired Cinderella's Castle.

This picture was again taken by Bob on his European trip. We can't thank you enough for all of your wonderful pictures. Thanks again. 

As I mentioned yesterday, we are running low so if you can help, or know someone who can please let us know.


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Harry Potter and Hogwarts

I must admit that I have held on to this Save The Date for a little while now. The main reason is because I do not quite know where to post this picture on the map. These pictures were sent in by my Susan They are pictures of Hogwart's Castle. Hagwart's is the site of the Harry Potter stories. These pictures come from Universal Studios in Orlando Florida and sure I could post them in Orlando but that just doesn't seem right. I could post them in London where the stories also take place but that doesn't seem right either. I am certainly open to suggestions but will probably end up putting it in Orlando. 

Also, we really need your help. We are running low on pictures and hope to make it to the wedding without missing a day. We have enough to last for about another week and a half. 
Please if you can help, know anyone that can, we would love the pictures. Please email me at Help us make it to the wedding day without skipping a day.

We still need the following states: Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, and Wisconsin. 

Thanks for reading.