Monday, March 7, 2011

Plaza De Toros

Hello again-
I hope everyone had a great weekend and survived the weather. In Raleigh we had heavy thunderstorms on Saturday. Because of the weather we ended up staying in a good portion of the weekend and worked on the wedding. We made some really good progress on the wedding invitations which felt great. Nice to have one less thing on our list. We were able to enjoy the weekend a bit as on Saturday night we went out to a nice dinner with some good friends of ours, a couple from college. All in all it was a very nice and relaxing weekend.
Today's picture comes from Susan. This picture is of the "Plaza De Toros" in Madrid Spain. The Plaza is a very famous bull fighting ring. It is very picturesque and after having seen pictures of the inside it is the typical bull fighting ring. 

We also received a few more pictures this weekend but as always we would love it if you can help. 

Thanks for reading.