Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Toomer's Corner

Hey Guys-

As most of you know I am a very VERY big college football fan. One of the more famous rivalries is Alabama/Auburn. A few weeks again this rivalry took a turn beyond good old fashion hatred of one another and turned criminal. You see on Auburn University's Campus there are some very historic 130 year old oak trees. After every Auburn football victory the trees are "rolled" which means that students throw toilet paper up into them. It is quiet a site. I have attached a picture below of it because it is so unique. 

Well a few weeks ago an Alabama fan poisoned these trees. It is still uncertain how long they will remain but it is thought that they will not make it to the fall football season.The one benefit of this is that Alabama and Auburn fans seem to have put aside their hatred and have joined up for a good cause. The two schools and fan bases are helping to try and save the trees or replaced them. 

Summer and Drew are very big Auburn fans and had a friend take this picture for us. Not only is it a neat picture because of the history and recent events but it also crosses Alabama off the list. I will have a full post later in the week on the states that are left so be on the lookout. 

Thanks for helping out Summer and Drew.