Friday, December 10, 2010

The Highest Photo on the World

Happy Friday-

When I received these photos in my inbox my jaw hit the floor. At the very beginning of the Project there were some that we figured we would get like Disney and others that were a fantasy (like the South Pole). We figured why not give it a shot, worst case scenario we wasted a Save The Date and the postage. Needless to say the photos today were on the fantasy list and I never imagined we would get them.

For those who haven't guessed, today's photos are from Mt. Everest, the highest mountain on the face of the Earth. A very big thank you to Madhav at Mosaic Adventure for getting these amazing shots. Who would have every thought, Project Save The Date at Mt. Everest!. This is one of the actual Save The Dates from our printer as well and not a print off which just floors me. Simply Stunning.

The first couple pictures are taken with the prayer flags. 

Please forward today's post on to anyone who might find it interesting. I just love all of the pictures involved with the Project and want to share them with as many people. Thanks again for everyone who has helped out. We appreciate it more than we can ever express. Enjoy your weekend.

Kyle O.