Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!!!

There are few things more iconic in America than the Indy 500. Today's pictures come to us from the fine folks at the Brickyard who were kind enough to take four pictures, one outside the track, two in front of the pagoda and one in front of the Hall of Fame. Thank you Lora and Ron for taking part in our Project. Indianapolis Motor Speedway holds the annual Indianapolis 500 and Brickyard 500 along with many other events. I have been lucky enough to visit the track on a nonraceday and look around with my dad growing up. Pictures just cannot do the place justice because it is massive. A definite place people should visit regardless of whether there is a race going on.

I am not sure whether I mentioned this before or not but I have added a page at the top of the blog that links to an album of all the posted pictures.  If anyone has any feedback please let me know. ProjectSaveTheDate@gmail.com

Also please check out the wedding blog from my friend across the pond in Ireland. She has been a real big help to the Project by not only taking pictures in Dublin (which will appear later this week or early next week) but also by acting as my my pseudo mentor and publicist. She has graciously given me advice and helped get the word out of the Project. Thanks for everything. We appreciate it.

Kyle O.