Friday, October 29, 2010

The "Coolest" Picture Ever

Welcome to Friday-

We have made it through another work week!!! I must say, today's pictures I never EVER thought I would get. I just never thought it would be possible. When we put together a list at the beginning of the Project we had a "dream" list. A list of places that we never thought we could get but that would be so neat to have. This is the first off of that list.

I very special thanks to Elaine Hood who worked with me.We exchanged a quite a few emails. Last week I received an email, opened it up and was speechless. I couldn't believe what I was looking at.  She was so great and worked so hard to make this possible. Thank you.

Secondly I need to thank Dr. Ella Derbyshire. Dr. Derbyshite is in the pictures and has been stationed at the South Pole for the past year. I just can't thank the two of them enough for helping out a young couple with a crazy dream to spread their Save The Date around the world.

The first picture is a photo at the ceremonial South Pole. Because of ice shifts the geological south pole (where every direction is north) moves slightly from year to year and is repositioned every New Year with a new post.

The Second picture is at the geological South Pole.

The Third picture is a close up of the marker.

Please please forward this blog update on to everyone you know and help spread the word of the Project. I want everyone to be able to see the hard work of Elaine Hood and Dr. Derbyshire.

Thanks again. If you are ever in Raleigh, let us know.

Kyle O.
Ceremonial South Pole
Geological South Pole

Close Up of the geological South Pole Marker