Friday, November 12, 2010

The Center of the World

Welcome to Friday-

Sorry about the lack of post yesterday. I had one written up and thought I set it up to run automatically but apparently something went wrong. Normally I would check it in the morning to make sure it is up but I was out of town for work. My apologies. Today's picture come to us from Cheryl. The picture is from Equator and is taken right at the Equator. Pretty Cool. Now we have the bottom of the world and the center of the world. Amazing. Thanks Cheryl.

So last night I was flipping through and cataloging some of the photos received and I must admit, there are some that I am quite surprised we haven't heard back from,  received, or had someone tell us that they would get it for us.

Some of the ones we haven't received are the Grand Canyon, Key West "Soutrhernmost" Sign, the new "Cleveland" Banner (where the Lebron Banner used to be), the Four Corners, Salt Lake, Hollywood Sign, or the Chinese Theater.

Also, since we got the South Pole, my next big BIG goal is to get the following:

-underwater scuba diving

-a picture of someone skydiving with it

-a picture of the Save The Date in a hot air balloon.

Email us at if you can help. If you know someone who can help with our Project please forward it on to them.

Thanks for all the support.

Kyle O.