Monday, November 22, 2010

Aren't Things Grand?

Happy Monday-

For those in the US this should be a nice short work week with Thanksgiving on Thursday. I'm still trying to get a great picture for Thanksgiving (any ideas?) Today's picture comes courtesy of on of Katie's high school friend, Elly. Elly was able to take these pictures during one of her recent trips. 

A few weeks ago Elly emailed the two of us to let us know that she was headed to the Grand Canyon and our Save The Date would be tagging along. This certainly made me smile. 

You see, when we made our first list, there were several that I thought would be rather easy to get for a variety of reasons, location, proximity to large populations, amount of tourists, etc. The others are the Hollywood Sign, Key West Southernmost Buoy, Hoover Dam and the White House. (let us know if you can help).

We wanted to get these landmarks and were very excited that we are able to cross the Grand Canyon off the list. Thank you so much Elly. We really appreciate you thinking of us on your trip.

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Thanks again Elly.