Monday, April 25, 2011

Green Bay Packers

Hello Again-

I hope everyone had a happy Easter weekend. This weekend it really hit Katie and I that the wedding is getting close. We knew it was but it really jumped up on us. Luckily we have the vast majority of things done and just need to work out a few details.

This weekend we spent the holiday weekend at the beach. Part of our plan was to go shopping for beach clothing for the honeymoon. As I have previously said about this project, one of the things that I love is the surprises. We have received so many pictures from so many places and people. Some of them we know we might get, some of them we have initiated the request and some are completely random. Well today's picture fits into all three categories. Back when we started this Project we sent one to the Green Bay Packers, along with many other venues. This was in the middle of their historic run to the Super Bowl and we figured that were a little busy at the time. Well on Saturday these pictures arrived in the inbox. What a surprise. I can't thank the Packers' organization enough. We really appreciate you all helping us out with the project after such a busy season.

This also crosses Wisconsin off the list!. It is looking like we won't be able to make it to all 50 states. The Project has two weeks left and we only have a few pictures left. The plan for next week is to to a recap with statistics of where the Project made it and some of the high lights. Thanks again for reading.