Monday, April 18, 2011

Dubai Week

Hello Hello there.

I hope everyone's weekend was great. It was quite an eventful on in Raleigh this weekend. On Saturday there was a heavy thunderstorm that produced a few tornadoes. So Katie and I spent Saturday afternoon in the bathroom, listening to the news, waiting to it to pass. The lights flickered on and off and we heard the hail beat against the windows. After things were all over there were some staggering pictures on the news. An entire Lowes store was flattened. Katie and I drove around later in the weekend to make sure all everything was okay around us and our family, which it was.

On to today's picture. This week we will be doing something a little different. This week is "Dubai Week" here on Project Save The Date. Every day this week we will feature another picture of Dubai with the Save The Date. Our friend Cheryl traveled abroad for work and took some great pictures of Dubai.

To start things off we have a picture of the most iconic place in Dubai, the Burj Al Arab. This hotel is world famous for its design. It is modeled after a sail on a boat. There have been many PR campaigns including Tiger Woods hitting off of the helicopter pad and Federar and Nadal playing tennis on the helicopter pad. It is such a unique structure and is the world's only 6 star hotel.

Check back later this week for more great pictures of Dubai.

We only have three weeks left and need your help to get there. Please let us know if you can help.