Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Glenveaugh Castle

Hello Again-
As I mentioned yesterday, this past weekend we spent in Cleveland for a shower. This shower really got Katie and I excited for the wedding. It was so great to see old friends, catch up, share some stories and laughs. It had been a while since I had seen some people and it was just so nice to share this with them. It was also Katie, and her parents, first time meeting some of our family friends and visit to where I grew up. It gave them an idea of where I came from. 
The only downside is that the weekend went by so quickly. I have been told that the wedding and reception are a blur because they go by so fast and I can certainly see why. I wanted to spend much more time talking with everyone than I was able to. By the time I knew it, the shower was over. That will be tough at the reception, but I am looking forward to seeing everyone. 

As for today's picture, this is the last one on Susan's trip to Ireland. These two pictures are views from Glenveaugh Castle in Ireland. Seeing all her pictures of Ireland certainly makes me want to visit. The greenery, history and culture are all very appealing and and I hope we make it there someday. 

Thanks for reading.