Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Inner Harbor Baltimore

Maryland is officially off the list. This picture is from the Inner Harbor in Baltimore and was sent in by Jane. I have been lucky enough to have visited the inner harbor and it was a great experience. When I visited Baltimore I was a young teen. My dad and I were on a trip (I don't remember the reason) but I vividly remember several of the sites from that trip. My dad and I visited the Babe Ruth Museum, the Inner Harbor, and Camden Yards, which is where the Baltimore Orioles play their home games. When we were at Camden Yards a film crew was filming the movie Major League 2. Most people think that that film was made at Jacob's Field but Jacob's Field was still being built during filming. Camden Yards has a similar design and so parts were filmed there. 

When my dad and I were there we saw "Willie Mays Hayes" steel third, over and over again. It had to be at least six shots of him steeling. Between every shot they had to change his uniform for continuity.  It is very neat to go back and watch the movie and realize that we saw the filming of a particular shot.

Thanks again for helping Jane. We really appreciate you thinking of us.