Monday, February 21, 2011


Hello again-

I hope everyone had a great weekend. It ended up being quite a bit busier for Katie and I than we originally planned on. We ended up working on the wedding ceremony along with many other odds and ends. We were able to enjoy the weather a bit and went for numerous long walks with our dog Bella (she's the one in the Save The Date). On Saturday night we actually were able to do something we hadn't had time to do in a while. We had a date night and went out to eat; very nice and relaxing.

Today's picture comes to us from a friend of a friend. Summer and I went to school together. Summer's friend Katie is in the Peace Corps right now. Summer passed on our Project to her and she was able to help out and get these pictures in Samokov, Bulgaria. I will let Katie describe the pictures

"The first photo is of the Bairakli Mosque in my town. Built in the 1840s, its no longer functioning (due to Communism and an 85% Orthodox  population), but its said to be one of the most unusual mosques left from Ottoman influence.

The second is taken in our town market with a baba (grandmother) selling her handmade goods.

The third shows Peak Musala - the highest mountain peak in all of the Balkans and our towns main source of income during winter sports season - and the River Iskar (the longest river that starts and ends in Bulgaria)."

Great stuff. I can only imagine what the grandmother is thinking in the first picture. Thanks again for helping up Summer and Katie!