Friday, January 7, 2011

Under the Sea

Happy Friday to you all--

After getting the South Pole and Mount Everest I wasn't sure what my "White Whale" would be. I came up with two ideas of places for the Save The Date to go.

1. Scuba Diving; and
2. Skydiving.

Well thanks to Rich and Rita (some of you may recognize them) we got photos of the Save The Date underwater. These were taken during a recent trip to Hawaii during a dive excursion off of the coast. They sent along many more that we will share during later posts. These are just fantastic.

I decided to post these pictures today because Rich and Rita are participating in a Marathon this weekend. And yes, they will be taking along the Save The Date with them meaning that the Save The Date will complete a marathon! Have to admit I didn't even think of that one. Pretty creative. Good luck!

If you, are anyone you know, can help us get a picture of the Save The Date skydiving (or anywhere else) please email us at

Enjoy your weekend.