Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Field of Dreams

Ever since I will little my dad and I loved playing baseball together. There was nothing better than going out to the yard after dinner and playing catch. It was a special time.

One of the movies that we both love, and embraces that spirit is "Field of Dreams". It is obviously a very special movie about the relationship between father and son. Ever since seeing that movie I always wanted to visit the farm.

By the time our Save The Date made it to Iowa the corn was down and there was over a foot of snow covering the baseball field. Instead Becky at the Field of Dreams movie site photo shopped the photo below. Thanks for all your help Becky. Certainly is a special place.

As always if you have have any ideas of places for us, can help, know someone who can, or just want to say hi feel free to email us at ProjectSaveTheSate@gmail.com.

Thanks for reading.

Kyle O.