Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Welcome World

Hello everyone (or no one)-

A little introduction is probably in order. My name is Kyle and this past May my fiance, Katie, and I got engaged.  I proposed at the top of Max Patch in western North Carolina. I was able to film the proposal, which eventually created our Save the Date card.

We are a very outgoing couple and have a simple idea. We want to see how far, and how many different places our Save the Date can go before we get married. There are a few places we would like to see the Save the Date get, and I have already sent it to many locations.

Once I better figure out blogging I will put a list of places we want to see the Save the Date. I will also post when we receive a picture back of our Save the Date at a place.

If anyone who is reading this, which according to my stats is none, wants to help we would love it. If you are traveling somewhere, or live near an iconic place (Golden Gate Bridge, Mt. Everest, St. Louis Arch, New York, Etc.) drop me a line at I am not sure how this will work but for not I can send you a save the date (we ordered online and they accidentally doubled our order) if you take a picture and email it to the address. Hopefully later, after this takes off and I run out of Save the Dates, I will put a link on this blog where people can print off a copy of the Save the Date.

Well I am getting ahead of myself.

Status Update:
Please make suggestions of other places in the comments or email me.

Golden Gate Bridge
Mt. Rushmore
Hollywood Sign
Grand Canyon
"Southern Most Marker" in Key West
Statue of Liberty
Niagara Falls
St. Louis Arch
Seattle Space Needle.